Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Recap: 4-Day Edition

This is going to be one epic weekend recap post, since we had a four-day weekend due to the holiday. Prepare for picture overload!

Wednesday night we had a friend stay for dinner, so we ordered pizza (for the first time in months) and played Settlers of Catan. That game is addicting, especially when you keep almost winning only to get beaten at the last minute.

last minute party decorations consisted of red, white and blue construction paper cut into "ribbons" hung around the house (E's idea)
the only outfit pic I got that day
E stole my phone and took this picture of Bandit (among a hundred others)
men doing manly things (my husband, the sous chef)

Thursday, we agreed at the last minute to host a 4th of July party that our friend was originally going to host until his dogs destroyed his house. It ended up working out better that way because our house is a lot more kid-friendly and there were several kids that came over (and kept E entertained, yay!). It was a lot of fun and a pretty chill day, with friends and food and booze (no fireworks, though, but I wasn't exactly bummed about that).

this guy and the jellyfish are my favorites
sooo pretty
watching the sardines swim around overhead
Oreo cupcake- oreo on top, cookies n cream frosting, chocolate cake with another Oreo baked into it. Amazing.
E with her tiny vanilla cupcake
Abbey Road!
not sure what I'm going to do with these...

Friday we went to the aquarium, the used book store (and the record store next door), and a cupcake store. (If you're ever in Monterey, be sure to check out Mrs. Delish's Cupcakes, OMG.) We picked up several new records for our collection, and the proprietor just gave us this box FULL of old  basketball cards. Maybe some of them are worth some money? I doubt it, but that would be cool.

Saturday I got out of the house for some "me time" (which my husband and I both know is just code for "shopping"). I went to Old Navy (which was having a 30% off everything sale), Target, and Famous Footwear and only walked away with this guy. I'm happy that I didn't bring home a bunch of things I didn't need, but bummed that I wasn't able to find more of what I was looking for (shorts, tank tops, and sandals). The search shall continue, I suppose. Though I am excited to wear my new tank top. I loved it so much I paid full price for it (2/5 of this month's budget! I'll save you from having to do math-- it was $20).

And Sunday was "productivity" day where we cleaned the house, I made two and a half recipes for the blog (one of which goes up tomorrow!) and did laundry, and we went to the playground. For dinner, we had the leftover campfire packets as the filling for burritos, added black beans and salsa-- soo good!

Phew! If you read this whole thing, I'm impressed. It was a really great weekend, though. I hope yours was, as well, four-day or otherwise! Oh, and hello to everyone popping over here from Oh, She Dabbles today! :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Those cupcakes look sooo good and the aquarium looks like it was a lot of fun!


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