Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stay-At-Home Mom Style Remix: Layered Edition

necklace, jeans/ Target | cardigan/ Target (thrifted) | tee/ Gap | vest/ JC Penney | flats/ WalMart

Yesterday we had some pattern mixing, today we're focusing on the layers. (Not that all of my outfits aren't layered, I just really want to talk about layers today.) This outfit has a lot going on-- tee + cardigan + vest-- but I'm loving the effect. I like how the vest breaks up the polka dots of the cardigan to keep them from being overwhelming, and is just a cute unexpected detail for an otherwise pretty boring outfit. 

necklace/ Old Navy | popover, sweater/ Target | jeans/ Post Exchange | boots/ JustFab

Ah, the collared shirt under a sweater look. I've been trying to pull off this look with this sweater for so long, and I finally succeeded with my navy popover. For some reason it just wasn't working with full button-ups. But I'm glad this finally worked, because I love the navy/mustard color combo. The colors plus the boots really fall up my cobalt jeans (which I'm still not convinced is really a fall color, no matter how many bloggers claim that it is). Either way, I'm happy with the results. 


  1. I love navy and mustard together, too! Your polka dot sweater really works under the vest, too. I just love the two different shades of green and your necklace is such a pretty accent!

  2. Thank you! Someone suggested the vest over the cardigan last time I asked for help with the cardigan and while it does make it a lot more palatable for me, I'm still not sold. I think I'll send it to you after all so you can try your hand with it, I bet you'd come up with some great ways to wear it!

  3. Yep - I LOVE the layers on that first outfit - the cardigan under the vest is a perfect pairing!


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