Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's been awhile since we've had a weekend recap around here, so I figured it was time for another, since this past weekend was particularly fun.


pizza night

We made chocolate chip cookies, and then when I turned my back, E snatched one. She might've gotten away with it, too, if she hadn't come up to me all proud saying "Look what I sneaked!" 

Also on Friday, I signed up for my second-ever run (a five-mile "mini-thon") in a couple months. I'm excited to have the extra motivation to get out and run again, because I've been pretty bad lately.


I successfully J. Crew rolled my sleeve! This is my going out outfit, apparently.

A friend had a chili party at his place Saturday night, so naturally I made cupcakes to bring, and the strawberry whipped cream to use as a frosting. And it was the most delicious thing ever. 

After the chili party, I went downtown with one of our friends to celebrate her 30th birthday. We had a few drinks, complained about how loud the music was, then went back to her place to drink wine in peace and laugh about how old we're getting.

This weekend was the first time I've been out in a very long time, and while it was nice to cut loose for a little bit, I definitely don't miss doing it all the time like I used to.

Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday (yet another sign of how old I'm getting) and realizing that I'm either coming down with something, or my allergies are setting in. All of yesterday and so far today, my throat has been sore and my nose stuffed up. I'm hoping it's just allergies and I can get it under control soon! I have no idea how my allergies act out here, so I guess we'll see.

Hoping you lovelies had a great weekend!

PS I almost forgot, I'm guest posting for my bloggy buddy Laura at I do deClaire while she is on vacation with her family, so head over there to see my "two ways to step up your mommy-on-the-go outfits" post!


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Love your rolled sleeve (I didn't know there was a signature JCrew roll!). The strawberry whipped cream looks delicious on cupcakes-pinned it! Thanks again for guest posting! :)

  2. This looks like a great weekend, happy birthday too :)

  3. Oh loud music. I don't think I can stand it anymore either. I guess I'm old!!


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  4. We're all old, the only difference is how willing we are to admit and embrace it. ;)

  5. I am with you; I definitely prefer to be able to hear my friends while drinking. I would take our driveway parties over the noisy neighborhood bar any day! Plus, I don't need a babysitter. ;) Becky

  6. I didn't either, but, you know, Pinterest. ;) No worries, glad I was able to help!

  7. Not my birthday yet, but it was indeed a fun weekend!


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